Katie Gutierrez

I used to think being an interior designer was the best thing in life—then I got married, started ERREZ Design Studio with my husband, had my son, James, and became a part-time professor for Florida International University. Now, as an interior designer, mommy, wife, professor and entrepreneur, I know for certain the best thing in life is my ability to wear multiple hats so naturally, and I love every part of it!

Born and raised in Miami, I was always exercising my creativity and imagination through different outlets, especially through storytelling. (Fun fact: I won an award for storytelling and competed through debate at the state level. I also won a college scholarship for a written story contest.) As I got older, I yearned for something more: I wanted to combine my love for creativity with my desire to help others. That’s when my admiration for interior design was born.

I started my official journey with design at the University of Florida, where I was heavily involved in school events and graduated with a master’s degree in architecture. After UF, I made my way back down to Miami, where I worked for MC Harry, one of Miami’s oldest architecture firms located in Coconut Grove, and was actively involved in my community through volunteering and as vice president of a business networking group. I always knew, though, that I had a bigger calling in the industry, and that’s why I started ERREZ Design Studio with Ruben.

I made myself a promise: I want transform the way people think about interior design. Good design has many facets, just like someone’s personality, and our goal is to find all the elements, traits and memories that make you, well, you, and incorporate it all of that into a functional, fresh yet nostalgic space that speaks volumes. I’m not just here to guide you design-wise; I’m here to create a fun experience that lasts a lifetime—or at least until you want to redesign another space!