How much does it cost? How do you charge?

Our services are tailored to each unique client’s unique project; so our fees are tailored sensitively. We’d like to meet with you to discover what your needs and wants are. Our first meeting is complementary. After we have an understanding of your project scope we’ll create a proposal which will outline the services you’ve asked us to provide. The proposal will list a flat fee for the entirety of the work. That flat fee will be billed in pieces as the phases of the project are completed. We will provide you with a project schedule so you’ll have a good heads up of the pace of the project as well as the dates of the billable completion points.


How long do projects take?

We know that once you see the rendering of your space you’ll be so excited you can’t stand to wait! We work hard and fast to get you to your goal as quickly as possible. Every project is different though so each project schedule is unique depending on how much work is required. At the beginning of the project we’ll provide you with a project schedule showing you the timeline to completion and exciting dates along the way.


Do you order the furniture?

One of the most helpful services we provide is ordering furniture. If you’ve ever placed an order for anything you know that it’s a frustrating and time consuming process. The time on the phone or at your computer, managing and tracking deliveries, and then going through the return process when something comes damaged or wrong all makes you want to scream! Well, leave it to us. We take care of it all. We’re good at it and it doesn’t make us scream. In fact, we enjoy it.


Do you recommend contractors and installers?

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with the industry’s best (and weed out the ones who are not.) From drapery to concrete we’ll bring the best right to you. We can also work with whomever you have up your sleeve.


Do you work outside of Miami?

We have projects from Miami to Colorado to Costa Rica and lots in-between. If you need us we’re there for you wherever that may be.


What types of projects do you do?

We work on residential projects as well as retail and commercial projects. We’ve completed chocolate shops, a bathing suit and workout clothing store, offices, a photographer studio, restaurants, and spectacular homes all over the world.

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