It’s not hard when someone else is doing it for you. And when we’re doing it for you it’s also fun! Over years of experience we’ve learned that these four steps are the key to getting a project done just right.


1. Biographical Design

Project Kick Off

We start with a biographical design meeting. This is a really fun Casual meeting usually over food where we get to know you. We believe that when your true self is represented in your space you'll live a more enriched life. 

We Focus on You

  1. Understand your personal style
  2. Get to know your personality
  3. Learn about your culture
  4. Focus on your functional needs
  5. Sensitivity to the existing architecture

Project Planing

We'll need to get organized. We'll develop a project schedule outline key milestones (deliverables, meetings, approvals, and payments).



2. Installation Drawings

Design Documents

At this steps, we put all our design decisions on ink and paper. We create all the drawings and specifications that the contractors and vendors need to execute the design.


During this step we will send our drawings to three bidders to make sure you're getting the best pricing. We're happy to work with contractors, installers, or vendors of your choice. 

Project Observation

We will observe the project during construction. We will schedule regular site visits to meet with contractors, and check on installations. We will be there to keep the constructions moving towards the design intention. 
 Kitchen Rendering

Kitchen Rendering

3. Sourcing / Purchasing

Product Sourcing

Finding the perfect thing the sis the right size, color, material, price, etc. takes time and skill. Far all items in the rendering, we will find the perfect one from one of our many sources. 

Easy online product approvals

We will create purchase orders that clearly show every item that is needed to complete the design. This is where you will approve items for purchase. 


Purchasing takes a long time. We do it for you and manage everything that goes along with it.


We will receive all deliveries, inspect them, and hold them until all items have been received. Then, on one install day we bring everything and place it for you and throw away all the trash. it's your big TV reveal moment. 

4. Installation

We'll be there till the end.

What direction should the tile go? 

Contractors ask lots of questions. We'll be on standby during the whole installation period to make sure every installer knows what you're hoping for. We'll make periodic site visits to check in and make sure everything is in ship shape. 

How do you style a coffee table?

We're kind-of like fashion stylist for the home. We're with you to the end! We'll fluff your pillows and arrange the books and style every inch to get your rooms feeling...well...stylish!