Ruben D. Gutierrez

Ever since I could remember, I’ve liked to build things. From building Legos at a young age to building my business now, I always knew it was where I belonged.

Naturally, my interest in the field began with architecture. I graduated from Florida International University with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in the subject. While I was studying, I was a full-time worker at local architecture firms. I always drew my inspiration for architectural design from art and experiences, and to this day, this stands true. I love places that conjure up a feeling of nostalgia but at the same time, reflect a freshness and newness unseen anywhere else. Cities with high-density urban areas, like New York City, have this quality.

I began to fully understand (and appreciate) the elements of interior design while I was in the workforce—and little did I know that I’d come to love it. I meshed both architecture and interior design with Alison Spear, an architect known to frequently cross over into interiors. Under Alison, I received some of the best training in the luxury market, and here, I was able to mix architecture, art and design in new form.

The next logical step was to build a business. I knew that with Katie’s experiences, my experiences and the right methodology, we can create a new way to communicate interior design with a fresh and nostalgic approach—something different and new to in the industry. We want to alter the way people think about design.

The industry as it stands tends to have a bad rap—something out of reach that only elitists can afford—especially in South Florida. But we’re here to change your mind on that. We’re firm believers that good design can make the everyday tasks ceremonial. It helps you connect to your past, aspire for your future, make your day-to-day better, and soothe you when you’re feeling down. We can’t wait to show you what you’re missing out on.